Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Wednesday and Thursday of Term 1

Today was all about finishing off. The morning up until lunch time was dedicated to Science Reports, the Storm Boy essay on film angles, the symmetry unit and the  Shape boards. I reiterated the fact that the camera angles discussed in the essays need to refer to specific examples in the film. I modelled the writing of a paragraph about the arc angle and how it was used effectively in the film referring especially to the mysterious and scary nature of Fingerbill's encampment.

After lunch students had quiet reading, music options. In pairs and small groups they  learned some new games for inside and out like hopscotch, King, SOS etc so they could teach their buddies how to play them tomorrow at 12-00 when we have a scheduled Buddies session.  Students also had access to a few new and intriguing nets to 3D shapes which they could add to their boards if they so wished.

I also might like to add, the class received a little reward from Mrs Sutton for being the best behaved group in library for the last I am so proud of them all.

Thursday was another finishing off day ending with a school music assembly. We also had an extended buddies session where the grade 2/3's showed my class all about a game of marbles and then my students ran various games such as hopscotch, skipping with chants, origami and logic games.  Well done to those 16 students who handed in their Science Report by the due date.

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