Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Make an explanatory poster about a 3D shape...moderation task

Soon we will be moderating across schools (primary and high school) looking at a students " know how" on planar and 3D shapes. Yes, it is full on, never a dull moment!  Just had a two hour staff meeting on this one. On Tuesday I talked to students about one of the major text types they need to understand  and be capable of using by the end of their grade six year, (refer to Writer's Notebook entry : ) Tomorrow I will be showing the class two examples of explanatory texts focusing on pyramids and prisms,  showcasing effective use of tables,  photos, drawings,  (diagrams)  and explanations. Students will be requested to produce a poster of their own using ICT skills or good old-fashioned technology OR a mix of both to show what they know about a prisms and a pyramid and/or other amzing 3D shapes. They can use my personal camera, the class camera or their own to take a photo  or two for use in their posters. Gosh, the office is going to love me every time we print out a colour photo.  Students need to closely analyse the above posters in order to design and construct their own.  I will have Plasticine and toothpicks (good old fashioned technology) in the classroom from which they can make their physical representations. Must find the time to transport the old microwave for Plasticine-softening purposes in the next few days. Maybe tomorrow.

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