Thursday, November 8, 2012

Remembrance Day

We have been looking closely at the book In Flanders Fields by Norman Jorgensen. We used a See Think Wonder Y chart to unpack the story and students are now working on a snap shots art project. We also discussed the significance of the poppies and then made poppies from tissue paper and pipe cleaners to wear on this Sunday and will wear them at school on Friday. Here is a little installation around the book and some art work in progress. We also viewed two short clips about remembrance day on the BTN (Behind the News) website. Two of our students will be representing the school at the service this Sunday.

Rob Pennicott Visit

Rob Pennicott ,an ex-student,  came to the school today and presented a very interesting talk about his life and his recent circumnavigation of Australian. It was a very informative and entertaining talk and the students  and staff were very engaged. The stories about the crocodiles, sea snakes, orcas and high sea swells had kids really hooked. We were also lucky enough to see five minutes footage of this amazing journey. The part where Rob is unceremoniously dumped from his hammock after the hard knocks of the night, was hilarious and the students will remember that.  I was impressed with the whole presentation and I know the kids were inspired. Rob is a very generous individual, especially with all the money and time he donates to charities around the world. One student was also lucky enough to win a three hour cruise along with an adult with his eco-friendly Tasmanian Island Cruises company.

Rob Pennicott hands over a wonderful prize

Anthony introduces Rob to the  garde 5-6 students

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Plasticine Art

Something creative for a change. We might plug away at this for a while.

Teddy Love by GK

Mouse by GL

Dolphins by AD

Singing Mermaid by EC

Blowin' in the Wind by AK

Bird in a Tree by PS

Thirsty Sheep by BS