Thursday, May 17, 2012

Persuasive Writing Tests and Reading Tests Marked

I have marked the persuasive texts the grade 6 students wrote about whether energy drinks should be sold to children 16 and under. Most of them were of a good standard with many more students successfully using rhetorical questions and emotive language. The majority of students are writing clear introductions, but a few a still forgetting to briefly state their main arguments in their opening paragraph, or, to sum up and restate their opinion at the end.

I alerted students to the following spelling words on Wednesday which were the most commonly misspelt in their texts and have asked them to learn the words by next Tuesday. We looked closely at the part of each word which they were having difficulty with. We also discussed the importance of using the  given support materials which modelled some of the words below. The marked texts, along with the ten writing criteria being assessed, will be put into students' portfolios on Tuesday if parents wish to look at them. The portfolios will go home with the mid-year report.

which         irritable          dehydrate          poison          dietitian          complaining          caffeine
too many    equal              beverages         believe          pressure         nervous                 coffee
allowed      headaches     major                doesn't

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