Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finish off, Music, Classifying Triangles, Assembly

This morning we spent an hour systematically going through all the major tasks we have been working on this year and students wrote notes in their Skills Books as to what needs finishing before the last day of term next Thursday. The 3D Explanatory Posters and the Science Mould Reports are needed for moderation purposes across the schools in our cluster next Friday. 

Then, following Spelling Bingo, we moved onto a task which required students to classify a range of shapes into groups with the emphasis being on the mathematical reasoning behind their chosen way of grouping them. They could measure them, use protractors, scissors, write and make markings on them, in fact, anything they liked which would assist them with the task. Students were encouraged to use the Maths Dictionaries in the classroom, the internet and to have discussions with their friends. These will be collected at the end of tomorrow. A few of students (BS, VL, & PS &KF)  were working on their 3D Explanatory Posters or an assembly introduction so they didn't get quite as much time as the other students.

Music was on the cards after recess, followed by more time on the above maths tasks.

In the afternoon we did silent reading and then attended a whole school assembly which ran for the usual 45 minutes. The students who had finished their 3D Poster presented them in the assembly. Tonights focus for homework is definitely the Science report.

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