Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Books, books and poetry, Art, Triangles, Science Reports,

One third of the class away at cross country so we didn't start anything new. I also had three girls from Mrs Hayley's class as she went to the Huon and Channel Cross Country. Students had their usual Spelling Bingo, Art lesson and lots of time on their triangle work, their Science reports and their shape boards. The day was productive. I introduced some new books to the library and we looked at the work of Michael Rosen the poet.

Second term students will be doing a poetry unit so I am encouraging them to read as much poetry as possible. We have a wicker basket dedicated to poetry books in the withdrawal room.
EC- nearly ready to make a prinbt

A print

A string printing mat, NS

A print - NS

A string printing mat
Researching triangles - KK

Researching triangles - VL

Keep your eye out for the little books on the little shelf.
This week the shelf contains: The Little Book of Calm ( a personal favourite), Little Polar Bear,
 Little Captain, Piglets, The Littlest Book of Cats and Mice, A Teddy Bear's Little Instruction Book

At the end of the day the grade 6 boys came in to say what a great day everyone had at the Huon and Channel despite the cold, wet weather and proudly showed us the shield the grade 6 boys had won. 

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