Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Naplan, Persuasive Texts; Photos and Library

Grade 5's sat the spelling and writing part of the Naplan testing today whilst the grade 6 classes all sat down to read  an article, an advertisment, and watched three short clips about energy drinks. They could argue for or against them and were asked to support their opinions with evidence. The morning was dedicated to reading the articles and some discussion time amongst all the grade 6's was given. 

After recess students wrote up their persuasive texts in a fifty minute block. They then did their ISL cards and listened to a poem about the Coorong. Mr Macarthy, who will be taking my class on Thursday and Friday came in to see the students in action. I will be out for a small operation on the Thursday and be back next Tuesday.  The spelling is organised for the Monday next week and will focus on ful words and sce words for those students who have no issues with the ful  words in the two standardised tests administered at the beginning of the year.  I also showed and quickly talked about some of the new books to our little library.

After lunch we went straight to have individual and class photos done and then it was Library which I swapped from the morning block to the afternoon block so my students wouldn't miss this lesson, and also  so  I could visit around the all classes 2-6 who have representatives on the Students Council  which I run, in order to give them their books and agendas. The meeting will be tomorrow for the duration of recess in my classroom. We will be deciding which local charity we will raise money for, and organising teams of students to paint over and freshen areas in the school which are affected by graffiti or just need to be a bit brighter and more exciting.

Tonight's homework was minimal given the Naplan testing. Students were asked to focus on a table they are having trouble with eg. 7 times table or 8...also to ensure their Storm Boy cover is complete.

I was very impressed with the work of a couple of students whop took their nets home to make the 3D shapes. The boards are coming along nicely. We will have a final session of class time tomorrow.
An outstanding effort by OFW and AK

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