Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Storm Boy tidy up and Infographics

This morning we started a new Spelling Bingo game looking at professions and as a follow up to the survey the students completed last term about the spelling strategies they use most, we focused on building off base words. This was a strategy which is under utilized by students across all of the upper primary classes, so it will be one of the major focuses this term. All students who handed in their Storm Boy essays on the last Thursday of last term received their preliminary feedback this morning, and then tidied up and resubmitted the assignment for its final assessment. The greatest area of weakness was the use of commas to show possession in the singular form and the plural form and missing capital letters from proper nouns.  

This week's words are:

painter beautician
plumber mortician
teacher obstetrician
rigger electrician
undertaker magician
coroner          BUT   dietitian

surveyor merchant
professor accountant
doctor commandant
surveyor fireman
aviator policeman

After recess we played three Guess the number games and focused on percentages. We also looked at an interesting infographic looking a the declining success rate of movies which have had three sequels. Students wrote down whatthey believed the function of an infographic was and its features. We then shared our initial ideas and revisited them. Students than had their scheduled library lesson where they received the Premier's Reading Challenge. It is my expectation that all students will complete this as part of the reading curriculum.

After lunch silent reading went ahead as usual and then students shared what they thought infographics were and started their analysis of the infographic they had in front of them. Tonight's homework will to be to unpack the graph and information.  This is a mini assignment to prepare them for the tomato sauce investigation which we will start next Tuesday. More on that one later.

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