Sunday, June 24, 2012

Symmetry Unit and More Shapes Boards

This unit was given to students one week before the end of term one. It focuses on bilateral, rotational symmetry and has a sequenced battery of activities for them to complete. There is a mini dictionary of all new terms at the front of the booklet. The assessment page is stapled to the front of the booklet and the unit has been thoroughly introduced. This week we will be focusing on angles and the use of a protractor and use of accurate measurements. There are two art-related activities for students to complete. Below are some examples of the first activity showing reflectional symmetry.

This coming week students will be receiving their assessments for their shapes boards. Here is an example of an A, a rare rating. Most students will be assessed at a C or B. A C is a very solid mark, not like the C of our school days.

More bilateral symmetry work:

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