Sunday, February 19, 2012

Softies Unit

Over the next month as a sideline to the major Science unit on Micro-organisms students will be working on this unit. They have received a copy of the sheet below to keep them on track as to what they will be doing and the skills they will be learning. The above softies were made by some students of mine two years ago.

Softies Unit: art, ICT, literacy, numeracy (space)

In this unit on monster toys you be:
1. Designing and making a monster soft toy from felt and other materials
2. Designing an advertisement promoting your toy and publishing it
3. Designing and constructing a suitable box for your toy
4. Writing a children's story book featuring your toy and some of those of your
    classmates to share with your book buddy and your peer group

You will be learning how to:
thoroughly plan and persevere with a larger project
design and make pattern pieces
use straight and blanket stitch
use the supplied materials in an economical way
make a net for a box and construct the box
take a clear photo of your toy and import it into your advertisement
use you Writer's notebook to plan for your picture book
reflect on, and evaluate your finished products

Please Note
You will be making a needle and pin holder first up to keep your sewing gear organised and also to practise the two stitches you will need for the project. You will also receive a zip lock bag to keep your materials organised.

Donations of ribbons, cottons, pins or needles would be greatly appreciated.

Students watched this PhotoStory I made to motivate them and help them envisage the types of softies they could design for themselves:

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