Friday, February 24, 2012

Place Value

Today we did a lesson on place value looking from hundred thousands through to ones. Students collect ed prices of goods and services and added them to a data list making sure the numbers were listed according to their place value. Next lesson they will be ordering he data from smallest through to largest. They need to find two more items in the hundreds of thousands range.

This morning students also had their respective test on the 'ate' words which we hav been concentrating  on  this week. Their marks are recorded in the Skills Book. Any misspelled words are to be added to their ISL cards.

Students were also put into their age groups across the 5/6s and given the Single Word Spelling Test to acertain their spelling ages.

Today we also followed up on the Venn Diagram as mentioned in the previous blog.

The classroom jigsaw is starting to come together too.

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