Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Bread Without Yeast & Bread Making

Today students finished off their bread analysis looking at Mountain Bread Oat which does not have yeast as one of its ingredients. We discussed the use of  clear diagrams and labelling them to help explain scientific observations. 
Next we watched three short clips on the bread-making process and read through a recipe for bread making. Students will be working on their flow charts  to explain the basic steps in bread making over the next week. We looked at a simplistic flow chart and a much more complicated one.  Students can draw up their flow chart by hand or have a go at using an Excel application.

I found this flowchart download from microsoft very useful.

I suggested students plan their flowcharts in their Writer's Notebooks and then either draw them up neatly in their Marvellous Microorganisms book by hand, or use a template such as the one above to publish their flowchart.

In the afternoon, some students had their woodwind lesson and six grade 6 students did their Sports Leader training.

The remainder of students continued practising their blanket stitching making their needle and pin holders. A few students processed their The Otherside piece. We now have a class logon for the computers.

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