Monday, February 27, 2012

Hinamatsuri (Doll's Festival), Obina and...this week's ough words

The class puzzle is going well. Students do this before school, during wet weather, or if they finish a task early.

Hinamatsuri Dolls

Some of our  Hina Obina (Emperor) dolls

This is the origami steps students had to follow. 
Today after the usual 35 minute Monday morning assembly, students had their second Japanese class for the year. They they learnt about the Japanese Doll's Festival called Hinamatsuri, and completed a short comprehension exercise. They then  made a Hina Obina doll.  The festival is held on March 3rd, the third day of the third month.

There was the usual Physical Education lesson and then the  Library lesson.

This weeks spelling  words are:

dough                       bough
though                      plough
although                  drought
rough                       wrought
tough                        enough
thought                    ought
thorough                 brought
borough                  sought
Kingborough         nought
cough                      bought

Students were given 60 minutes in class to complete the spelling activities. I have suggested they have a parent test on these words to isolate the tricky ones they need more practice with. These words will be tested on Friday morning. Five students who did not need to do this lesson spent the afternoon publishin their Pinballs activities or their The Otherside interviews.

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