Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Be Positive - Monday 20th

Be Positive,this was the central message delivered to students today in a half hour assembly first up. I then went to Japanese up until recess with the students and learnt a few new words. Students  focused on writing their name in Japanese, months and dates and prepared there books with a page for 2012. Following recess the students had Physical Education and then Library. In the afternoon we started our spelling contract on a-e words, which are the ones we use in the Spelling Bingo game using the Smart Board each morning. The words for this week are:

haste               separate
taste                demonstrate
inflate              appreciate
imitate             calculate
slate                evaporate
isolate             participate
rate                  generate
educate           vibrate
eliminate         concentrate
fate                  operate

Students play two games each morning selecting from these words, a game of five and then a game of eight. To win the words must be correctly spelled, there must be a margin and date, and the words need to be signed off by another students after they have checked them for mistakes. The winner's write their name in the Spelling Bingo Book and there is a prize for the most wins at the end of each term. The words change each week. Every Monday night the focus will be either on a spelling unit of a component of grammar.We talked about time management skills and book work. Students also have a card with their own individualised spelling lists of words taken from their writing. and spelling tests. There is going to be a focus on handwriting...

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