Thursday, March 15, 2012

Top views, side views front views, whole school assembly

The day started with Spelling Bingo and a discussion of idioms and similes. We then did a formal handwriting session, discussing basic letter formation and exit strokes. Each student has a handwriting guide which they can work through at their individual pace. 

Today, in mathematics, the main focus was on looking at top, views, side views of constructed cubic centimetre shapes. We also reviewed the main planar shapes and finished off our cube evaluations.  Students completed the Monster Grids and we now have ten students coming in under ten minutes.

A small group of randomly drawn students redid the yeast test to make sure the latest yeast batch is okay. Tomorrow morning all groups will run the tests again and finish off observations. I worked with the grade 5 boys today focusing on writing instructional texts. They seemed to have a good knowledge of the requirements of this genre.  We had a whole school assembly at 2-10 where students got to know their Daily Physical Education leaders and a few certificates for being positive were handed out. If any student wants a copy of the Swimming Carnival Photo Story just send along a storage unit of some description and I will make a copy.

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