Thursday, March 22, 2012

Emotive Texts Presentations and some peer assessments.

This morning I arrived at school and the smart board wasn't behaving itself so I did a switcheroo with the lessons. The technician had the problem rectified by the beginning of recess. Tomorrow will have to be a big maths day. So we had a literacy focus. Each group of four presented their emotive language texts about the dog attack. Some students were much more prepared than others and had done their homework which was to revisit the passage they wrote on Tuesday and refine it ready for today's session. I gave them all an extra fifteen minutes to tweak the group's presentation. We discussed the importance of peer assessments as in this task they were writing for an audience. Each group was assessed by both me and their peers. These assessments are available in your son or daughter's portfolios along with other work samples. The students were positive and enjoyed this session. A few of the students had even used rhetorical question well. This will be a small focus for tomorrow.
After recess the students went off to music and I decided to put my head in a took a few photos after slogging away writng up their individual assessments.  They were practising Rocking Dogs and learning about rolling on, which apparently they were finding very challenging.
It was then back to the classroom and onto Spelling Bingo and then Monster Grid 6. Seventeen students are now getting the 100 facts done under ten minutes and are at least on the graph. The quickest time is 3:31 by a grade 6 boy. Mind you he has a very competitive and determined grade 5 girl breathing right over his shoulder. The record for doing a Monster  Grid in my classroom experience is a cool 2:21 and I would be struggling to beat that. I handed out a few practice grids to those students who thought they would use them to do some further practice. 

We were about to start learning about the hundreds game after lunch when suddenly I lost half my class to injections so we did silent reading instead whilst I read the remaining  students feedback about their emotive language texts just in case they struggled with my writing. They each have at least one goal to pursue.

The day finished with the 2:10 assembly where one female student who is a fantastic writer,  read out a descriptive chapter she had written for a novel, and a handful of students shared their microorganism jigsaws.  The Photo Story about Clean Up Australia Day will be shared in a book buddy session, as apparently there wasn't time today.

Students are expected to finish their jigsaw tonight and to do some research about their microorganism. Many students are getting the Photo Stories loaded on a  USB  so they can share things they do at school  with their parents. 

We did a quick 5 minute reflection on the days and discussed the importance of putting up hands in the classroom and listening with respect. Only a few students are still struggling with this.

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