Tuesday, March 27, 2012


X marks the spot, trampolining, every teacher's nightmare!
Prince, one of the camp gems for me

Slide with the cold...brrr...spray at the top


Back from camp, tired after the 6 o'clock start to drive back to school to teach on the grade 5s. Yesterday was pretty full on with billy carts, waters slides, flying fox, trampolining, and archery. I supervised the water slide for two hours and was very busy trying to keep the wrinkles and annoying bumps out of the slipway. It was then onto billycarts. The students worked hard on the concept of actually doing the helmet up, and steering of course. A lot of my boys said they really enjoyed the archery. The billycarts were popular too but some students weren't too keen on the dragging the cart back up the hill part. They played flags and then did a six way tug-of-war. Then it was tea, diary writing, a pretty long walk in the dark along Possum Trail. I wish my torch had been a tad more powerful so I could actually see where I was going. We played a couple of games of spot lighting and then it was supper and bed. Anyone still awake after 12 turned into a pumpkin.  

Today was a  good day even though I felt like something the cat had dragged in. I must be geting old. First up we looked at the skills needed for decoding maths questions, and the possible strategies that could be utilised to solve them with Mr Stafford's 5's and mine, and then we did a maths relay. They were very good listeners and we did a lot of maths problem solving. I really liked the way these students looked after each other and tried their very best.  Then after recess I repeated the Maths activities with Mrs Franz's grade 5's and Mr Moore's class, a bit more of a challenge because I didn't really know the kids. However, now I have a handle on their names and characteristics.  In the afternoon Mrs Franz and I  took all of the grade 5's together and we viewed a video about bullying, looking at the forms it can take. Tomorrow we will look at possible solutions. Now for the early night I need. :)

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