Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Persuasive Texts, more on square numbers and some interesting new art

Today Persuasive text writing was a major focus with students looking closely at some tips. Grade 6 woodwind students did not see this amusing little clip but saw the one below this text.

Research is important, have information to back up your argument

Be creative and use humour

Appeal to the audience's emotions

Use real life experiences or stories

Reason through the other point of view

Then come up with a rebuttal

Stick to the subject and don't get personal

Students watched the following short film to take notes on the tips listed above.

Today students also completed a second lesson on square numbers and did Monster Grid number 5.
Daily Phys.ed was cancelled due to bad weather.

They had their usual art lesson and have begun making relief pictures which they will print with later.

In the afternoon they proceeded with their jigsaws, the microcosmos competition, quiet reading. The usual ins and outs for music options occurred from 12 0'clock onwards. A few students learned how to scan a picture and save it whne making the picture for the top of their jigsaw boxes. A few other students published The Other Side piece.

We will finish the Photo Story lesson tomorrow as the whole class wasn't together from 12 o'clock on wards.

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