Friday, March 9, 2012

Maths Relay

Okay, another day done and dusted.  The usual Spelling Bingo followed by the spelling testing of the two groups. The words causing the most issues were receipt and reindeer. Students should have added any corrections to their ISL cards. Silent reading is usually done Monday mornings for 20 minutes whilst I mark the tests and give students their individual feedback.

The Maths Relay really went extremely well with students competing to answer fifteen maths problems at the basic and intermediate level. I must say I have never seen them all working so hard! The teams of four  were of mixed ability and the range between the top team and the "bottom" team was a mere 7 points, so the teams are very competitive. They all finished within seven minutes of each other as well. The average score was 71.3, and the mode was 71. The winning team scored 76 points. On Tuesday we will run another relay using intermediate and advanced questions. 

After recess, we revisited the self evaluations  paragraphs on the cubes as some were a little light on in content. Three students shared some really good examples and we discussed the use of  full sentences answers, how to write a logical paragraph pinpointing problem areas, and areas of success. I then modelled making a cube from cardboard from scratch, and students had their second attempt, all being issued with an A4 piece of cardboard. I only saw one lip drop this time. Most were  much better but we agreed we need to get some PVC glue which is easier to work with than glue sticks, as this batch are of  dubious strength.  I will get my hands on some over the next few days. 

After lunch we cleaned up Australia for twenty five minutes with our book buddies and then returned to class to complete any unfinished work for the week. I will use the photos I took of this momentous occasion to demonstrate how to make a PhotoStory next week.  Five students have extension on The Pinballs because of absenteeism for one reason or another. One student shared her PowerPoint on The Pinballs and she did a fabulous job. One student has finished his jigsaw of a hydra and it is amazing. He should feel very proud of himself. I worked with three students who learnt how to make a folded box which will contain their completed jigsaws. 
Thankyou Rachel for sending along some measuring cups.

REMEMBER Tuesday is the swimming carnival and students need to pack the appropriate clothes for the day. I suggest a couple of plastic bags also for all those soggy towels.

And now...sigh, I better go do a week's housework.
Enjoy the long weekend.

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  1. fantastic, almost makes me tired just reading what you pack in to the week!