Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Persuasive Text and Maths

A busy day, home at last after a long staff meeting. Mr Matt Stafford and myself will be co-ordinating the school student council and hope to have our first meeting next week.

Today, in the classroom, students wrote up their persuasive texts about the use of animals in warfare. They were given 50 minutes to plan, write and check their finished copy. I have collected them and they will receive an assessment which I will share with parents at the upcoming parent/teacher discussions along with other assessments and the social progress of the students. Most students were given their interview times today but other with a number of siblings will receive their times tomorrow. I am still short  9 responses from parents; hopefully they will come in tomorrow as these discussions will be very informative and productive.  Below is the criteria the students are being assessed on for the persuasive writing they did today:
Comments will be made on all of the above. Hopefully we will do another text about the pros and cons of mobile phone ownership in a few weeks. 

Following this we learnt how to play two place value games to increase students knowledge in this area and to help them further understand the concept of regrouping. These games are located in the back of their large scrapbooks. It might be interesting to ask your child about these games. Some of the music option students (woodwind) didn't get to play the Race to 1000 game as they always go for their lesson at 12-00.

In the afternoon we had silent reading and a number of students went to guitar and choir and grade 5 woodwind. The remainder either went to a rugby clinic which was held on the oval for upper primary students or published some of their written drafts, or stayed and caught up on some work because they were behind. We now have five operating computers in the room and are expecting one more in the near future.

The new withdrawal (ex-Science) room is starting to come together and at recess I managed to recover the display board, and move some furniture around. Some of the grade six boys assisted me in placing some shelving in the room  and cleaning stickers and mess of the walls, thanks guys! There will be two computers in this area and an animations area where students can make and photograph their creations soon. Science will have to be a major focus next week where we will be looking at mould and the conditions it needs to grow.

Tomorrow morning their will be an ANZAC Day display in there. Students will be looking at a range of picture books which focus on primarily Gallipoli, and the wars in which Australia has been involved. In pairs students will be designing and promoting their chosen picture book to create a persuasive poster, which will cover some of the components of the visual literacy aspect  of the Australian Nation Curriculum.

Half of the of the class has now read the novel Storm Boy. Keep the four books circulating please. 

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