Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cross Country, Sabi, Library and Jelly Snakes

Cross country was the first major event of the day, though we did manage to read the article "Lest we forget animal helpers" and discuss it before 9-20. The students ran the 3 kms and all, but two students who were absent, participated to their best of their ability.

After recess, students re-read the passage about Sabi and the Anzac Parade proposal and located the keywords. They wrote down possible alternatives that could be used as apropriate titles for the article and wrote what they thought was the main message being delivered.
Unpacking the article about acknowledging our animal helpers

After recess we discussed what is a fair test and looked at variables and how they can be controlled or not. Students then planned an investigation looking into the elasticity and breaking points of jelly snakes. They had to work out a fair test. We also quickly looked at the prices of the snakes per unit, how much each gram was worth. It was then off to library which I nearly forgot about.

After lunch students carried out their investigations and started to write it up into their science books, stating clearly what it was they were investigation, using a data table and discussing their findings. This is due in Thursday morning. 


I had three beautiful Lorax posters I asked for during our cinema visit and we did a draw out of a plastic cup for three lucky recipients.

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