Thursday, April 5, 2012

Big day out and an extension of the room!

Today was a fabulous day and I was so proud of the way the grade 5/6 students looked after their buddies and sat with them on the bus and in the cinema. I might add it was also one of the quietest bus trips to and from a venue that I have ever had.  The Lorax was not disappointing and it will provide for some interesting discussions following the Easter break. A big thank you to Rachel who came on the excursion with us. 

The biggest surprise of the day which awaited us when we returned was the mysterious sign that Easter Bunnies Hayley and Arnold left for us on the Science storeroom door. The darlings had spent all their free time whilst we were away on a secret mission (not even the boss knew about) cleaning and moving gear from the Science and general storeroom which adjoins our little classroom so we could have a bigger classroom. I might have to rename the blog The Now  Not So Little Classroom up the Back. There are a few shelves and spare ceiling panels to move, and after Easter the students can help me set it up as a withdrawal area, recover a display board and set up an area for shooting our animations and doing lots of fun creative activities. I am so excited about the new space! There are new desks coming soon too.

Students also did very well on the words with silent letters. We also had time to run through the assessment rubric before we left for the cinema. Students had their usual music lesson as we were able to swap it into the early morning block. 

After lunch I handed out the reports and we practised our assembly item. Then it was off to assembly. I hope everyone has an enjoyable Easter break. Congratulations to those students who received certificates in assembly today.

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