Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The current sequence of work in mathematics is volume and today was a very hands-on approach. We recapped on linear measurements and surface area and then got stuck into volume. Firstly students made some basic 3D shapes and worked out their volume. Then they made open prisms on centimetre grid paper and then tested them against the 3D prisms they made from plastic interlocking cubic centimeteres. They worked in pairs. A few students have this job to finish for homework tonight (October 10th)

Cubic centimetres and that hand

Stay tuned to this page on the blog for more volume news.

Lesson 2 on Volume

Concept: To find volume work out how many layers there are and then multiply by the number of layers.

Students also learnt to use isometric paper to draw up some regular prism of their own, and then worked out the volume of each remembering to put cubic centimetres in the answer. The steps:

An impressive effort by AK, one of my grade 5 girls 
Lesson 3:
Today we had a double maths lesson and  students finished off their isometric drawings and then completed the following two activities. Constructing a 3D cubic cm shapes using the front view, side view and top view kept quite a few of them challenged for a while. 
Students had to make the shapes using the 3 views
We also introduced the formula of length x width x height to find the volume of regular prisms. Tomorrow we will be exploring this formula further with some discussion of the use of scales when representing the shapes.

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