Friday, October 5, 2012

The Historical Show Bags Sharing Afternoon

Well done 5/6C. I was really impressed with all the effort you put into your showbags on significant Australians. Your Historical Showbags were truly amazing. The afternoon went very smoothly and 5/6K were a wonderful audience. Below are some photos from the afternoon's events. Sorry can't show faces so have cropped a lot. I will be making a PhotoStory which students can have a copy of by the end of next week.
Burke and Wills Diorama by JS, pretty spectacular
Burke and Wills Diorama by JS

Some of our historical Australian Plasticine models

Captain Arthur Phillip and Vida Goldstein share a table

Mary Mackillop the only Australian Saint, this showbag was amazing!

The portrait of Vida is pretty spot on

Truganini display


Kelp model of a kelp bag used by Aboriginal women such as Truganini 
for carrying and storing  water by NS

Bulging at the seams: Peter Laor Show Bag

Making Weary Dunlop

Mary Mackillop goodies


Weary Dunlop

Sharing our national treasure Edith Cowan

Sharing Ned Kelly, was he really that bad!

Sharing Albert Namatjira
John Flynn

John Flynn


Peter Lalor

Edmund Barton

Peter Lalor

Albert Namatjira

Eddie Mabo

Weary Dunlop
Edward Hargraves bag sharing

John Flynn

Arthur Phillip

Reviewing Edmund Barton

Fashions in the day of Edith Cowan

Arthur Phillip

Fashions of the 1092's part of the Edith Cowan bag by EC

Detail from the Edith Cowan Historical Showbag by EC

Detail from Edith Cowan timeline by EC
A very innovative idea: Diary Entry by EC

Sharing Burke and Wills


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