Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Aussie Slang: looking at colloquial language unit

This week's spelling list.

earbash hooroo
strewth hoon
grouse tucker
yabber gasbag
grog jocks
jumbuck kafuffle
lame-brained   lollywater
mongrel prang
squiz porkie
grouse snag
ridgy-digde yobbo

Our latest unit in literacy is Aussie Slang. Students will be making up their own booklets looking at some of our current slang and also looking at lost language in words and stories. We have the above three books in the classroom to refer to but if anyone has any of these types of books at home they would be greatly appreciated for use in the classroom over the next few weeks.

We started the unit by watching this amusing look at some Australian expressions.

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