Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Glove Hooter Band (new!)

In term three students will be making their own musical instrument called a glove hooter. We spent part of the last day of school painting and cutting off cardboard tubes to different lengths. On the first day back students will be working with an instructional text to put their instrument together. Mrs Kibbey has kindly offered to help me with the musical arrangement for the band.
Puff puff, cutting the tubes into the required lengths...

September 23rd (update)
I now have all the necessary materials to complete out hooters, PVC tubing, latex gloves, hardy
tape and  thick postal rubber bands. Below is the instructional text students will be attempting to follow tomorrow if they have their hooters decorated:

And the other day when I was cleaning out my cupboards I found this old photocopy of a group from Blackmans Bay who made the hooters when I was teaching here the first time around. A lot of the students chose collage as a way of decorating their  cardboard tubes.

Glover hooters from years ago

My latest effort

Top view of hooter

25th September (update)
Today revisited the genre of procedural text and discussed the features of such texts.  Students then read through the Rubber Glove Hooter text and discussed the main features of this text. Quite a few students assembled and practised playing their glove hooters today. 

Butterflies by EC
Aboriginal design by TM

Spray paint design by AK
Colourful hoote by KB


Recycling foils by NS

Another set of glove hooters

Ready to go!

Ready to practise in  our Music lesson

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