Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chance and Probability Unit

Our current focus in mathematics, apart from the ongoing individualised number program run on each  Monday, is Chance and Probability. This is a carefully sequenced unit which focuses on coin probablity, dice probabilty and spinner probabilty. We will also be looking at probability and chance in  real world situations. We will be using a mathematic model to explore the chance of winning games like ball in the clown's mouth. The spelling bingo list for the next few weeks will also focus on words that will be needed in this unit.

Probability is the measure of how likely something is to happen. Most people use probability words every day. For example, you might say that you will definitely meet your friend after school or it's impossible to finish all your homework before dinner. Another word for probability is chance.

We have now completed five sequenced lessons on chance, the lessons increase in difficulty each lesson. Today (7th September) students looked at probability using random draws, coin flips and dice rolls. We will be exploring these themes further next term.

September 27th
Today we spent the morning doing out fifth Chance and Data lesson. We were also reviewing the use of the program Excel. Students were given two coins each, had to do forty flips of the coins and record the ratio of head heads, tails tails to heads and tails. Once they had collected their data they added to a data base using Excel. Tomorrow we will examine the data and discuss why the outcome was as it was.

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